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Halloween Tees Sample Sale KIDS (Read Description)

Halloween Tees Sample Sale KIDS (Read Description)

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This listing is for the KIDS sizes of the halloween sample sale tees. If you're looking for the adult/womens one - click here!

Alrighty guys, long story short:

I ordered a batch of tees with my Halloween patterns from a new manufacturer and they did me dirty. The colors are off on some of them, the sizing is inconsistent, the stitching is a little crooked on some of them (mostly on the neck hole in the back of the shirt and some of the sleeve bottom seams) and inside the shirt on the hem, you can see the fabric wasn’t cut totally straight (Check listing photos for some examples) I have spent hours going through all of them one by one and inspecting to make sure there is nothing incredibly noticeably wrong with them (I set aside the really bad ones so those will not be included in this batch!)

I have included some examples in the listing photos of some of the defects in the shirts so you guys are aware of what you are buying! They basically all have these same issues so please keep that in mind!

I need to get rid of these so I am HEAVILY discounting them.

If you want to buy more than 2, please use the code BUNDLE at checkout for 20% off 

PLEASE make sure you read the full description, sizing info, etc because these are final sale.


  • Material is 82% Polyester / 8% Spandex
  • Shirts are very soft and stretchy!
  • Print goes front and back of the shirt
  • Minor defects on each shirt (noted in listing description and photos)


SIZING CHART (I measured each size with the shirt laying flat)

PS Some of this sizing makes no sense to the size on the tag/some tags will say “Large” but measures more like a small so also keep that in mind!


Size 0

  • Width - 12 inches
  • Length - 12 inches
  • Arm Hole - 3 inches

Size 2

  • Width - 12.75 inches
  • Length - 16.75 inches
  • Arm Hole - 3 inches

Size 4

  • Width - 13.5 inches
  • Length - 16.5 inches
  • Arm Hole - 4 inches

Size 6

  • Width - 13.5 inches
  • Length - 17.5 inches
  • Arm Hole - 5 inches

Size 8

  • Width - 14 inches
  • Length - 18 inches
  • Arm Hole - 5 inches

Size 10

  • Width - 15.5 inches
  • Length - 19.5 inches
  • Arm Hole - 5 inches

Size 12

  • Width - 16.5 inches
  • Length - 21 Inches
  • Arm Hole - 5 Inches
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