Holiday Ordering Info

It's that time of year! ❅ The holiday season is definitely the busiest time of year for my shop. 
If you'd like to place an order for anything in my shop to arrive by Christmas, please follow the ordering guideline below! (I'll be breaking them down into categories since I do have a few product options in my shop)
With everything going on with Covid-19 and the new USPS updates, I'm adding on more days than usual just to give some room for shipping delays and all of that! 
This includes: custom illustrations, custom Christmas cards, custom ornaments, etc. (basically anything personalized for you) 
Custom items are my biggest sellers in my shop every year and normally end up having around a 4 week turnaround time for them. So the sooner you order, the better chance you have of it arriving by Christmas.
These are my suggestions of when to place your order by. They might end up changing closer to the dates (keep checking back here!) depending on how many orders I get/how many I can get through, etc.
If you're ordering a custom illustration, I HIGHLY recommend opting for the digital file option so I can just email you the file and you can print it yourself or get it printed locally! No need to wait for shipping!
  • If you want a custom item to arrive BEFORE Christmas, please place your order by November 27thThis date just ensures I have plenty of time to complete the order and send it out so it arrives with some time to spare!
  • If you are OUTSIDE of the USA, I suggest placing your custom order by November 8th This date gives us some wiggle room after shipping because sometimes international packages can take anywhere from 1 week to 6+ weeks to arrive.
This includes: sweatshirts, tees, blankets, drinkware, etc. 
These products are shipped to you straight from my manufacturer. Their turnaround time around the holidays is about 4-8 business days and then shipping time can vary from 2 - 10 business days so keep these dates in mind when placing an order for these items! Try to order by November 28th just to give some wiggle room for any delays! If you are OUTSIDE of the USA, please place your order by November 20th. Keep in mind that due to customs, packages can take 4+ weeks to arrive in some cases. 
This includes: stickers, sticker sheets, greeting cards, non-custom prints, non-custom ornaments etc. (nothing that is personalized):
These we have a little more wiggle room with because I either have them in stock already, or they're pretty quick to make as you order them.
  • If you want any sticker, sticker sheet, greeting card, non-custom prints, non-custom ornaments, etc. to arrive before Christmas, please place your order by December 4th
  • If you are OUTSIDE of the USA, please place your order by November 30th. Keep in mind that due to customs, packages can take 4+ weeks to arrive in some cases. 
I will be offering a handful of "rush my order" options for custom orders. This is an additional fee of $55. Basically it bumps you up to the front of the line and moves your turnaround time from 4 or so weeks (whatever my turnaround time is at the time) to about 1 week. This ALSO includes an upgrade to Priority Shipping (USA orders only)
If you'd like to add this option on top of your custom order, please let me know prior to ordering so I can add the listing to your order.
My shop will be "closed" for my holiday break from December 21st - January 5th. You are more than welcome to place an order within these dates but nothing will be shipped out to you until after January 5th.
Note: I cannot guarantee Christmas delivery if ordered after those dates (if I'm able to get through orders quickly then there's a chance I might push back the date by a few days) Right now with everything going on with COVID-19 and USPS and just the busy holiday season in general, expect slight delays with your packages.


If I order after your cut off date, will my order be shipped in time for Christmas?

There's a small chance but I cannot promise. This depends on how many open orders I have at that time, how many orders I have completed, etc. I will post on my website or social media if the cut off date is pushed back or if I have some openings for holiday delivery so please keep checking back! 

My order says it has shipped but hasn't arrived. What's happening?

With everything going on with COVID-19, USPS, and just the holiday rush in general with USPS, you most likely will experience delays with shipping. Unfortunately that part is completely out of my control. Once it's out of my hands it's up to USPS to deliver it :| So there's a chance you might experience up to a 2 week delay for delivery. 

My order hasn't arrived, can I have a refund?

If it's a non custom item like a sticker, print, greeting card, etc. and there's been enough time to cover the postal delays with everything going on, I can give out a refund on a case by case basis. If it's a custom item that has gone MIA, please email me. If tracking has marked it as delivered but you haven't received it, then you must open up a case with USPS. They will most likely investigate and reimburse. 

I ordered a gift for the holidays but it's not going to arrive in time for Christmas. Can I have a refund?

I make sure to list the holiday cut off dates for every product (custom and non custom) so please order within those timeframes. If you order after those timeframes, there's a small chance it will not arrive by the holidays. So please order with time to spare!!

Do you offer gift wrapping?

I do! Just shoot me a message before ordering and we can discuss gift wrapping options!

Can you send a holiday gift straight to the person it is for?

Yes! Just make sure to list their address as the shipping address (or email me after placing the order if you'd like to change the address) and include if you want a little note sent with the package!