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Murphy Outline Procreate Brush

Murphy Outline Procreate Brush

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This brush is ONLY for the Procreate App! 

This brush was highly requested! Now you can have the perfect outline lettering every time  

Tip- For a totally smooth look, try not to lift your pen while drawing out the letter/word!

 You can pick whatever color you want for the outline. You can even drag and drop colors inside the lines!


You'll get an automatic download once you complete the purchase on your receipt page AND sent to your email (so please enter your email correctly!) of just the .brush file. So if purchasing on your iPad, you should not have an issue downloading it directly to your iPad! (Please look at listing photos for instructions on how to install or check out a youtube video for a much better explanation than mine!)

If you have any issues with the download or installing, please do not hesitate to reach out! This is my first time selling my Procreate brushes so this is all a learning experience for me! 

You're free to use this brush as your please but please DO NOT resell or claim as your own. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to my products so I spend a lot of time making them perfect and my own! Credit is not needed but always appreciated! <3


Due to the nature of this item (being a digital file), all sales are final


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